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Dolphin Cay

Residential Community

With stunning Boca Ciega Bay views, the arrangement inspires an exhilarating sense of openness as well as utmost privacy without feeling isolated. 

Dolphin Cay intently encourages warm interaction between neighbors and nature, from the special design of the streets and placement of garages to waterfront boardwalks and walkways through our natural setting.

In Case You Were Wondering

From the desk of Charlie S.


The Family Pool is closing for repairs in July for approximately one month. Additional information will be forth coming.


Please do not feed the Ducks.  They can not digest bread properly.  Enjoy our wildlife.


We would like to establish endowment funds for Dolphin Cay. Therefore, we are looking for someone with expertise in administering and establishing endowment funds.


The reclaimed water that is used to irrigate our trees, lawns and foliage is being tested for unwanted chemicals.


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Spotlight at Dolphin Cay

Butterfly garden 1a.png
Butterfly Garden 2a.png

Here are photos of our beautiful butterfly garden. Special thanks to Tom and Sally K. for the beautiful flowers they have planted and cared for.  Also ProCare does a great job maintaining our Butterfly garden.

Butterfly garden tree.png
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